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After a life time working in the Gemstone and Jewellery trade Ana Poulton is happy to introduce her company to the public. Ana was qualified at the International School of Jewellery and Gemology before spending more than ten years working in exclusive jewellery stores in Europe, igniting her passion further for this beautiful profession.

Whether you are a connoiseur or new to the the world of Gemstones she is able to show you many treasures that is a must for your collection or for a special occasion. With her husband David who travels extensively sourcing Gemstones she is able to find your dream Gemstone that is not normally available in the high street. They have worked passionately worldwide to set up a network of trusted dealers who can find that unique Gemstone for you.

She is happy to consult with you personally to discuss your needs, if the Gemstone is not in house she will source the Gemstone for you and even set it in a design unique to you if you require.


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